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Hair Color and Highlights

Hair Color and Highlights, Salon, Rockville, MD

Hair Coloring is before all a way to bring harmony to facial features, skin tone, and color of the eyes. A good colorist should not only master the chemistry and the art of mixing pigments, but he/she should also be keenly aware that one’s hair deflects light towards the face . The best hair color should complement skin tone, and pupils and remove years from the face.

With 4 of the best color specialists in the region, L’OR Hair Salon at Rockville, Maryland is uniquely equipped to help transform your hair and your face. We specialize in hair color correction.

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The art of color and higlights

Ever wondered why our natural hair color is blond, red or black? The hair color is because of the melanocytes, cells synthesizing the pigment melanin. It can be found in the hair follicle. Hair color is an important characteristic that helps in identifying an individual. Hair coloring and highlighting is no longer a fashion statement, but a way of adding a little excitement in life.

In order to change the hair color, the hair shaft, containing layers of keratin and protective layer of oil, has to be partially removed and the keratin has to be softened so that the dye can penetrate. Nowadays, hair salons like L’OR Hair Salon use chemical free hair coloring.

Almost 75% of women color and highlight their hair and an increasing number of men are following the suit. If you are wondering where to get hair dye in Rockville, then King Farm, Rockville is the place for you. Whether you want permanent or temporary hair color, the stylists at this hair coloring salon will help you get the desired look one is aiming for.

Hair Color Salon in Rockville

The outer color of the cuticle has to be opened using ammonia and allowing the hair dye colors to deposit or penetrate the cortex of the hair. The chemical also acts as a catalyst when the permanent color combines with the peroxide. Peroxide helps to break the chemical bond in the hair. Once the melanin is decolorized, the new hair color without peroxide gets bonded to the hair. The conditioner, meant to protect the color, then closes the cuticle once the color has been sealed.

Temporary hair color deposit dye color on the outside of the cuticle or with the help of a small amount of peroxide, the color can be penetrated into the hair shaft. Using a shampoo will eventually remove the hair color. These do not contain ammonia.

And if you are looking for hair dye ideas, then our stylist can help you out. From dark red hair color to chocolate brown to dark brown to blonde hair colors, name it and will do it for you. We also use ammonia free organic hair color that keeps hair healthy and shiny. And if you want to get hair color corrections, Rockville MD, then contact us today.

Hair Highlights Salon Rockville, MD

Hair highlights can be lightened using highlight techniques like foil, hair, frosting and chunking. Hair is lightened using bleach is permanent. Hydrogen peroxide is mixed with pigment, called as hair Lowlights. The dyes are used to create a darker color and highlight few strands.

Hair Color Corrections in Salon Rockville, MD

Once you have colored your hair, towel is unwrapped, and the color of your hair looks different from what you were expecting. There is no need to panic. Wait for the hair to dry as color on wet hair appears darker. Still, if you want to adjust your shade, hair is too dark, too light, red, faded, or brassy, then we can change the color of your hair waiting for your colored hair to grow out. Visit our expert stylists in our L’OR Hair Salon, Rockville, Maryland to get the best hair color and highlights.

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