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Balayage Hair Highlights, Salon, Rockville, MD

When you hear Balayage, you know for sure that it brings some changes to you. Balayage is not a strange word to many ladies but then what Balayage is? We would help you define it at L’Or Salon.

Balayage is a word of French origin; it means “to paint” or “to sweep.” This word is what informs the technique of application on the hair. It mainly has to do with the method of applying hair dye on the hair in a manner that the colour is in graduation and allows you get a natural-looking effect. The Balayage style is a very social innovation as this allows you give your natural hair a break from excessive styling. It is loved by many and can apparently be seen as a style many women have taken on, celebrities and every other person alike..

Why Balayage at Salon?

You must know for sure that before the Balayage technique was introduced, other forms of hair styling techniques were present but what exactly makes Balayage stand out?

Unlike other forms of hair highlighting technique, Balayage highlights are very significant in giving you a sun-touch natural hair appearance when correctly done. It is expected that as a perfect Balayage hair stylist, you can choose the accurate colour that suits the hair of whoever you’re working on, any colour selected must be one such that it complements the colour of your hair and brings out the shine.

Balayage is also very quick to make, what this implies is that, you get to a Balayage hair salon with your stylist waiting for you, the tone of your hair color is chosen, (whether it’s a Balayage brown hair or a Balayage hair blonde you want) then within minutes it is applied and you get to go home. The beauty of this hair highlight technique is that it can last long on your hair and self-maintenance is quite comfortable too.

What Hair Length Does the Balayage Suit?

You don’t have to be bothered about what length of hair you have; it’s the technique that matters. In fact, a very good Balayage highlights salon encourage both long and short hair types. What you need to be concerned about are the application and the tonality. The hair stylist would follow the pattern of your haircut to make sure your hair is given a very natural-looking finish.

What Styles Can Be Made From Balayage

For such a technique as this, the combinations of styles that can be made are limitless. Balayage works fine on all hair textures, what you indeed need is an excellent stylist and a perfect Balayage highlight salon. So when you have highlighted in mind, have Balayage in mind because it is close to looking natural. If you have brown hair, it won’t hurt to add some Balayage to it and make it Balayage brown hair, same applies if your hair is blonde, you can make it a Balayage hair blonde.

You can also be very creative to have a purple Balayage, or a rose gold Balayage or a sweet caramel Balayage, really the styles are endless. So for all your perfect Balayage style in Rockville, MD you can reach us.

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