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Hair Extensions Salon Rockville, MD

Hair Extensions Salon, Rockville, MD

Do you desire long and thick hair? Unhappy with your thinning hair or shorter hairdo and want to add volume and bounce? What about a dash of color, minus any chemical treatment? Long hair has always been a fashion statement and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy and shimmering hair. The solution to your problems lies with hair extensions as it can change anybody's look and make you look glamorous. So, where can you find hair extensions in Rockville? We truly are the best hair extensions salon in Rockville, King Farm, MD. Come meet our certified hair extension specialists who will help you in your decision.

We offer:

Euro- Socap extensions

Tony Odisho hair extensions

Keratin fusion extensions

Keratin tape extensions

Capelli hair extensions

Built in beads hair extensions

Short 2 Long hair extensions

Perfectress hair extensions (transformation connections)

DreamCatcher hair extensions

Hairdreams extensions

Hairdreams extensions pictures
Hairdreams extensions pictures
Hairdreams extensions photos
Hairdreams extensions photos
Hairdreams extensions photos
Hairdreams extensions photos
Hairdreams extensions photos
Hairdreams extensions photos
Hairdreams extensions photos


Hairdreams hair extensions

These great length hair extensions are available in straight, light, medium and tight curl. Available in three different lengths (16-inch, 18-inch and 22-inch) it can be customized according to the structure of your hair. From shine to agility to bounce, there are different styling options - shades of natural highlights, chic and exotic colors, feather, beads and sparkling crystal effects. It is suitable for all types of hair and texture, so, if you are looking for the best salon for hair extensions near you, then visit our certified salon.

Fusion hair extensions

We only use real human hair extensions that you can shampoo and style for many months. The fusion is done using a keratin glue. The best quality human hair is determined on the basis of correctly aligned cuticles. Otherwise, the hair will get entangled like a velcro. To maintain the shine of the hair, it is covered with a layer of high grade silicon. First the hair is shampooed and dryed thoroughly, then is divided into different sections. Taking each section vertically, our hair extension specialists will attach the extensions on selected strands.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

The secret to lustrous looking hair is a 100% hand selected human hair. So, whether you have normal, medium or coarse hair, try human hair extensions that use Lock or Micro Link method. An extension is attached to the hair using a small cylinder through which one loop the hair. The extension bond is put into the cylinder and closed with the help of a small tool. The cylinders are placed closer to the scalp after every 2 to 3 months as per the hair growth. So, the extension can be used for 1 year, resulting in less expenditure, thereby, reducing the hair extension cost. Available in straight and wavy; colors range from black to lighter shades. The strand lengths are available in 12, 18 and 20 inches. Our DreamCatchers extension styles last anywhere between 3 months to 1 year. Our procedure is simple and efficient as our hair extension specialists use the best hair extensions available on the market!

It is time that you have thick, long and lustrous hair just like Hollywood celebrities and models with our hair extensions and professional hair stylists at L’OR Hair Salon

Hairdream’s Top Hair/Integrated System

L'OR Hair Salon also offers the Top Hair System by Hairdreams. It is ideal for thickening fine and thinning hair on top of the head. Hairdreams human hair is attached by hand to a breathable high tech fabric at an atelier in Austria, The selected hair piece is integrated into the client's own hair on top of the head. This technique allows for natural and soft hair styles as the hair piece is absolutely undetectable. Please come visit us at Rockville Hair Extension salon.

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